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Henry Special Edition Rifle

Henry Special Edition Rifle


TAMPA, FL – December 13, 2017 –

Henry Repeating Arms is pleased to introduce the newest rifle in its collection, the Henry Golden Boy Shriners Tribute Edition Rifle. It recognizes Shriners International, an organization comprised of over 200,000 members around the world established in 1872. Henry Repeating Arms is donating a portion of each sale to the Shriners International fraternity to assist with their many philanthropic efforts.

Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Repeating Arms visited Shriners International Headquarters in Tampa, Florida to introduce the new rifle and present serial number #1, which will go on to be displayed in their memorabilia room.

Mr. Imperato explains, “Shriners are a beacon of light in their communities. They give so much in the pursuit of bettering themselves and helping children and families in need, and we are honored to offer this rifle as a salute to all of their hard work and charitable contributions. We hope to see this new partnership help them with continuing their admirable mission.”       

The Shriners Tribute Edition Rifle is built on the award-winning Golden Boy platform, which comes with a fully adjustable rear sight, brass bead front sight, blued steel octagonal barrel, and the inherently smooth action that Henrys are known for. It’s offered in .22 S/L/LR with a capacity of 16 rounds of .22 Long Rifle or 21 rounds of .22 Short.

The American Walnut stock is laser etched and hand painted with the ever-present red Fez and black tassel along with a gold-painted banner scroll with the words “Shriners International.”

The right side of the nickel-plated receiver cover features an engraved Shriner shield in 24K gold plating and a banner scroll with the words “Fun, Fellowship and Philanthropy,” the core values of Shriners International.

The left side of the receiver cover has the Shriner logo – the horizontal scimitar with the hanging crescent moon and star – also plated in 24K gold. American leafy-vine scroll engravings surround the images on both sides of the receiver cover.

Model H004SHR is available through licensed Henry dealers across the country. MSRP is $1,154.95. For more information on this rifle visit

For more information about the company and its products visit or call 866-200-2354.

About Henry Repeating Arms

Henry Repeating Arms is one of the leading firearms manufacturers in the country. Their company motto is ‘Made In America Or Not Made At All’ and their products come with a lifetime guarantee backed by award-winning customer service. The original Henry rifle played a significant role in the frontier days of the American West and is one of the most legendary, respected and sought-after rifles in the history of firearms. The company’s manufacturing facilities are in Bayonne, NJ and Rice Lake, WI.

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Archangel Device-A Great Holiday Gift!

Archangel Device

Can’t seem to find that holiday gift? Are you or someone you know In the market for a dependable, versatile, rechargeable flashlight that will keep you safe and visible wherever your adventure takes you? Look no further, with Archangel Device!

Brightness and Dependability

Brightness and dependability is what every customer looks for when trying to find a flashlight. But, every outdoor enthusiast knows that there isn’t a flashlight that works for almost if not every outdoor situation… WRONG! Archangel has made a flashlight that is designed with every service men and women and adventurer in mind! With many features such as magnet attachment, bright led lights, multi-color flashlight combinations, and multiple flashlight settings, you will be extremely happy if you are biking, hiking, camping, hunting, or on duty. Between the many features and many accessories you can get for the Archangel Device the possibilities are endless for its uses!


Some features include:

Rechargeable battery- (60-90 hrs of use)

Multi-color light combinations

Waterproof design

Dim / brightness settings- (2+ miles of visibility) 

Compact design

Year round usage

Flash settings- (front and rear)

Accessories to fit all your outdoor needs




If you are an avid outdoorsman or women looking to be safe while doing all of your outdoor activities be sure to check out Archangel to see everything they have to offer! This product is truly a product that will save lives and make a difference in any outdoor situation!


Archangel has just launched their newest version! An even lighter, brighter, and more compact version! Only $99.99!


Click here to get your Archangel today!

Company Contact:

Chad Stillman VP


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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Trigger More “ice” Fish

Well-balanced Presentations Trigger More ‘Ice’ Fish

Role of the rod and line in ice-fishing success, plus late-ice tips

By: Dave Genz

This winter, we’ve focused on what Dave Genz considers the keys to presenting a bait to fish under the ice. About the effectiveness of horizontal jigs, knot positioning and cadence of the presentation. To tie a bow around the topic, a bit about the crucial role the rod and line play in your ability to execute the Genz pounding presentation and experiment with cadence. 


The line you use for ice fishing has to be fresh, and has to match up well with the weight of your bait. Everything else you do can be perfect, but if your line is too thick (“heavy”) for the bait, “It won’t hang straight,” says Genz. “Even if it’s just a little too heavy, it robs you of the feel you need to fish the bait and detect bites.”

Genz is meticulous about his line, changing it frequently, and often hand-stretching the first 20 feet or so at the start of the day, to remove any tendency for the line to coil when lowered down the hole. Fresh, limp line matched well with the bait provides you with a direct connection between the rod and the bait. “You can make that bait do what you want it to when your line is hanging straight and does not have memory,” he says. “If it’s too heavy and has coils in it, you can’t feel much and the bait doesn’t react to what you’re doing with the rod.” 


Genz has spoken many times about his rod preferences for ice fishing.

“They need to function,” he says, “like long rods in miniature.”

Genz prefers ice rods that are relatively stiff and “very crisp,” so that the bottom of each jigging cycle can be felt in his hand. “The right rod allows me to do anything from hard pounding to a softer, slower, smoother presentation.”

It’s well-known that Genz does not like spring bobbers, because of how they smooth out and slow down cadence in presentation.

“If a slower, smoother presentation is what the fish want,” he says, “you can easily do that with a good graphite rod. And there are ways of detecting light bites by watching as much as feeling. If you’re watching the rod tip all the time, and you can see when the line moves slightly to the left or right, or if the rod tip dips slightly, you set the hook.”

On light-biting fish, if you miss on the first few hook sets, Genz advises, try dropping the rod tip when you see a bite occur. Drop the rod tip, hesitate, then set the hook. The time, and slack line, often allows the fish (if it is so inclined) to take that “second bite” and get the hook into its mouth. “A lot of times,” says Genz, “the fish will just kind of softly suck at it the first time, and the bait is touching on the outside of the mouth. When you drop the rod tip, if they decide they want it, they will suck it in and you can catch them.”

On most days, a rapid cadence, giving off good vibration, will attract and trigger more fish than a softer, more muted cadence. After all these years of fishing almost every day all winter, Genz has concluded that the biggest mistake anglers make is slowing down or stopping their jigging motion when fish show up.

“You should keep the movement going,” he says. “I see most of the spring-bobber people stop when a fish swims up to it. They just hold it still and watch for the spring to move. But when you do that, if your line has any twist, the jig starts to spin. Most of the time, the fish don’t like a spinning jig.”

“When you’re using a rapid cadence, and keep it going after the fish comes in, the lure doesn’t spin. And if you keep doing what brought the fish in, and experiment with raising or lowering the jig as you keep it vibrating, it gets more of the fish to bite. And they tend to bite down on it harder, because they tend to chase it more, and work harder at getting it all the way into their mouth.”

After each fish or missed bite, when you reel up to put on bait or rotate the knot on the eyelet of the jig, take a few seconds to let the line ‘un-spin’ to further minimize the curse of the spinning jig.

As we head into prime ice panfish time, here’s one example of a well-balanced setup, featuring a new rod Genz designed in the Ice Team Professional series. Match the 26-inch bluegill rod with 2 or 4-pound test line, and the new Dave Genz Drop-Kick tungsten jig. Any size jig in the series will match up well with this system.

Late/Early Ice Fishing Tips

We won’t leave you hangin’ when it comes to late-ice panfish action. Here are key tips from Genz for catching fish during some of the nicest days of the year.

* First, be safe out there. Across the Midwestern Ice Belt, the landscape varies from ice-free on the southern fringes to thick and sturdy ice in northerly strongholds. Regularly check ice conditions, and wear a life jacket.

* This is the time of winter when shallow water comes alive, as oxygen returns and water temperatures warm. The days get longer and the sun eats away at snow cover, especially around shorelines. Sun penetrates the ice, and weeds can even begin to grow again. As a result, shallow spots that didn’t hold fish midwinter can be teeming with life.

* Larger lakes tend to be better than smaller lakes, because, all things being equal, fish come out of the midwinter doldrums in better condition and tend to be more active.

* Head for bays on the north side of these larger lakes. A bay on the north side receives southern exposure, which means it gets more life-pumping sunshine on an average day, as late winter prepares to give way to early spring.

“During the transition between midwinter and late ice,” says Genz, “look for fish to start moving toward the shallows. They might still be in deeper water, but they might be staging close to the shallows. That’s why this can be a tricky time, so you have to look, keep moving, and drill enough holes to find where they are.”

If you don’t find fish deep, look shallower. If you don’t find them shallow, look deeper, especially close to large south-facing bays, inflowing creeks and rivers, manmade inlets and canals. Be extremely careful around current, as you always should.

But get out there and take part in one of the best portions of the ice fishing season.

Note: Dave Genz, known as Mr. Ice Fishing, was the primary driver of the modern ice fishing revolution. He has been enshrined in the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame for his contributions to the sport. For more fishing tips and to order his new info-packed book, Ice Revolution, go to

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Monster Camo- Off Road Hunting Gear

Monster Camo

Are you in the market for new camo? Check out Monster Camo to satisfy all of your outdoor needs!


Monster Camo strives to be the best in satisfying all of your outdoor needs! Whether you are looking for early season, mid-season, or late season gear Monster Camo supplies it! With their newly designed hunting line you will be amazed at the amount of technology incorporated into your all of your hunting gear!

For example:

Blood-tex is a great piece of technology incorporated into the gear they make to ensure that all of the blood washes away, quickly, easily, and effectively.

Scent-tex is also an amazing piece of technology meant to outcompete all of their competitors! Scent-tex incorporates an effective formula for all of your hunting gear that takes your scent and converts it into a scentless odor not detectable by the game you are chasing.

To see the technology and quality incorporated into all of Monster Camo’s gear CLICK HERE!



Whether you are in the mountains chasing elk, in Canada chasing black bear, or chasing that huge mature whitetail; Monster Camo is there to keep you invisible in any terrain that you might be in.

Monster Camo supplies a vast arrangement of jackets and pants to satisfy all of your outdoor needs. They supply jackets such as the M500, M600, M700, M800, XR125, and XR250 to keep you warm throughout the duration of the hunting seasons.

Looking for hunting t-shirts and long sleeves? Monster Camo offers the CR125, CR250, and CR500! A great early to late season base layer to keep you invisible and warm all year round!

Monster Camo also supplies a variety of pants that allow you to create a suit that is tailored to you the hunter. Check out the KX125 and the KX250 to get the most out of every hunt.

Want to know what suits Monster Camo has to offer? CLICK HERE!


Interested in Monster Camo’s other gear? CLICK HERE!

Between the great customer service, the amazing quality of clothing and the successfulness of the camo pattern, this is a company that will treat you right and make you more successful chasing game for years to come.

Check them out today! You will not be disappointed!

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Monday, 27 November 2017

Top 6 Car Features for Wisconsin Winter Outdoor Adventurers

Top 6 Car Features for Wisconsin Winter Outdoor Adventurers

winter driving wisconsin

Challenging Wisconsin weather drives what you may need for successful winter expeditions.

Challenging Wisconsin weather drives what you may need for successful winter expeditions. 

You’ve packed extra hand-warmers. You have a new vacuum insulated mug. Your favorite boots are ready. So, you think you’re prepared for an adventure into Wisconsin’s winter wonderland … except for one thing: getting there and back. Before you travel to the great outdoors this winter, consider how a few vehicle features can add to your enjoyment and even impact your hunting and fishing success.

Sometimes the smallest features can make a biggest difference. Yet, it seems like every month a new vehicle advancement in convenience or safety becomes available. Some are quite pricey, too. So, before you shop for a new or used car with just the right features to help you enjoy a great winter adventure, review our top 6 vehicle features you may want in your next used car, truck, or SUV.

  1. All- or 4-Wheel Drive

Assuming you know the routes you’ll be taking, and if these roads are paved or not, you can choose to buy a vehicle with either all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. All-wheel drive cars, trucks, and SUVs generally perform well in slippery weather conditions. And, you don’t need to activate them; they simply distribute power to wheels as necessary.

Four-wheel drive systems, most common in pickup trucks and SUVs, are excellent for driving in very deep snow and for off-roading. Once 4-wheel drive is activated, its low range allows the vehicle to drive up steep hills, over boulders, and through mud. If your route includes roads that aren’t plowed regularly, 4-wheel drive is a must.

A quick reminder: your drive system does not determine how well your vehicle will stop in slippery conditions. Traction is provided by your tires, and only a playing card-sized area is touching the road at any time. So, make sure you have winter tires in good condition. Their soft rubber compound grips better in cold weather. Look for the three-peak mountain and snowflake symbol molded into the tire’s sidewall.

  1. Heated Side Mirrors

Being able to operate your vehicle safely is crucial, especially when you’re exploring unfamiliar territory. The key to safe operation is no surprise; it’s being able to see: in front of you, behind you, and next to you.

You may think that heated side mirrors would cool off too quickly during travel to do much good. But, the housing unit protects against wind and cold. Overall, they’re as effective as rear window defrosters/defoggers, allowing you to remove ice build-up without having to scrape, which can shift your side mirror’s sightlines.

Plus, they evaporate fog in an instant, making your early morning adventures dry, clear, and safe. Speaking of heated components, consider heated seats. Not only do they raise your body temperature when you need it most, they feel great on a sore back during the drive home from a long outdoor expedition. Oh, and a heated steering wheel can feel incredible, too.

  1. Remote Vehicle Starting

Winter mornings can be brutally cold. Especially if your vehicle is exposed to the elements when parked. You can defrost your windows and warm up your vehicle from your home or the cabin, far before you venture out. Plus, after your outdoor fun, get things warmed up before you’ve left the woods.

Also, consider keyless entry, which comes in handy when you have a frozen armload of gear and food. Just walk up to the door and touch the sensor on the door instead of dropping your keys into the snow. Plus, many cars, trucks, and SUVs with keyless entry have pushbutton starting, so no more fishing for keys!

One more convenient loading feature: a hydraulic lift-gate (which slowly drops down in pickups and opens up in hatchbacks) and can be moved with only a finger.

  1. Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control

The drive to your winter escape could be a long haul. And, you’re likely going to have someone with you: friend, spouse, kids. Traveling hundreds of miles while trying to agree on a comfortable interior temperature can be challenging.

Dual-zone automatic climate control is the ultimate peacemaker; giving the driver and front passenger the ability to fine-tune the temperature. Simply set it, and the system makes adjustments to keep everyone comfortable. While in “auto” mode, it keeps everything steady, so you’re decreasing adjustments and increasing safety.

  1. Winter Windshield Wipers

Having to pull over during your trip to repeatedly knock icy messes off your wiper blades is inconvenient and a safety hazard. As their name states, winter wiper blades are built specifically for winter driving, preventing ice from building up on the blade holder. Now, ice and wet snow get lifted off the blade so it rides flat against the windshield.

Some of these special wipers do have a tendency to lift up at high speeds, which may not be an issue when driving in winter conditions. You just need to replace them after winter with summer-friendly blades because they may streak in rainy conditions.

Since we’re discussing being able to see clearly, think about automatic high beams. This feature automatically turns off your high beams for oncoming traffic, and then brings them back up after the car passes. This makes nighttime driving on back roads easier, which can be stressful due to winter driving conditions.

  1. Ground Clearance

OK, ground clearance isn’t a feature that can be easily changed, but it’s something to consider when shopping for your winter-friendly vehicle. For most SUVs, the distance between the chassis and the driving surface is 8 inches, enough room to handle most snowfalls. With more ground clearance, you have added ability to dance over boulders, cross streams, and climb up steep pitches of dirt road.

However, with less ground clearance, let’s say 6.5 inches (still more than most cars and many minivans have), you need to carefully consider what you’ll be driving over. So, depending on your off-road needs, take the time to take some measurements.

Finding the right car, truck, or SUV for your winter outdoor adventures isn’t easy. In the end, it has to work for you, so do your research on vehicle makes, models, and features. We suggest discussing your winter trip needs with a reputable, ethical, and honest used car dealer.

Bring your needs—whether that’s off-road handling or special vehicle features—to a dealership: Green Bay Auto, Appleton Auto, Wausau Auto, Antigo Auto, and 199ride La Crosse.



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